Thursday, March 13, 2003


I'm home alone.
It's late.
I'm about to watch The Ring DVD with all the lights out.
Can't wait.

My mom's gone to Wisconsin (oh darn!), so it's pretty much me holding down the fort until Sunday night. Thank God! Nothing like having my mom out of my hair for the rest of Spring Break. I am a lucky mofo.

I went to Six Flags with Nicole and three of her friends today, which was fun of course. When I ride rides like Batman and Titan, I try to think that I'm flying, or having an outer-body experience. Am I insane? It's pretty damn wicked anyways, and I get incredibly pumped when I go on those rides for such the relaxed guy that I am.

- Me

- Nicole

Everything's gravy, life is good. I will report how watching The Ring goes so late at night...all alone...
Uh...I'm getting scared already.


Wednesday, March 12, 2003

/throat sore, don't care

I realized something today.
...I'm a lucky bastard.
And I have an announcement to make, to the world...

I love Nicole, and she is the one for me!

OK, now that that's cleared up, we must get to the topic of One Must Fall: 2097.
Not only is this quite possibly the greatest PC fighting game of all time, it's also available to download completely for free, and was made way way way back in 1994. With these juicy attributes, it's no wonder Nic and I fancied this game back in the MST days, and now, five years later, we have fallen in love again.

I'm getting my braces off in 3 weeks, says my orthodontist. That money-grubbing teeth tightener better follow up with his promise, or I'm gonna steal ALL his sugar-free gum from the tray! That's like a buck-fifty in free crap right there.

My throat is so sore, and this Coke is not helping. Gargh.

/going to bed

Monday, March 10, 2003

/some poems i wrote today, short and sweet


Just one more day untill I touch you
Rippling your skin with my love within
Bursting out, so happy to see you
Can you feel it drip from my words?
As they linger in the air from my tongue
My love holds so tight it hurts
So I'll kiss you and let you have some.

Cynics and Theirs

Quit being so negative
You got the hang of it
To distract from your faults
Now you slouch, pouring salt
On wounds already opened
Hopin' that no one sees
Your own scars start to bleed.


Nothing to do but sit in lieu
Of better things to do
Blocked from view
A hue of boredom paints the room
Everything new, now commonplace
So here I lie, staring high
Mocked by the ceiling's face.

/kaplow kaplow