Friday, February 14, 2003

/lamb - gorecki

if I should die this very moment
I wouldn't fear
for I've never known completeness
like being here
wrapped in the warmth of you
still in my heart this moment
or it might burst
could we stay right here
until the end of time until the earth stops turning
gonna love you until the seas run dry
I've found the one I've waited for
all this time I've loved you
and never known your face
all this time I've missed you
and searched this human race
here is true peace
here my heart knows calm
safe in your soul
bathed in your sighs
wanna stay right here
until the end of time
all I've known
all I've done
all I've felt was leading to this
all I've known
all I've done
all I've felt was leading to this
gonna stay right here
'till the end of time 'till the earth stops turning
I'm gonna love you 'till the seas run dry
I've found the one I've waited for
the one I've waited for

/good tune
Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone has a lovefelt Valentine's Day. Today should be a day reminding you of all the people who truely love you, whether it is a passionate love from a boyfriend or girlfriend, or a loving respect from a family memeber or close friend.

I love life because of the people that give me love. Recently, I have fallen in love myself, with a girl named Nicole. This isn't the end of the story, as she is no ordinary girl. She means the world to me, and each day I'm amazed by her love. It's truely wonderful, and I cannot thank her enough.

I am also blessed with a constant love by my family; my mom and dad who would do anything for me, my brother and sister who think the world of me, and a dog who's always been there. :-)

Also, I have been fortunate to have many loving and caring friends. Not only do they provide good memories and fun, but they have taught me how to be a good person, how to live, and have been my support group. I cannot say enough of the people I have gotten to know throughout my life.

May everyone have a wonderful Valentine's Day; may you find your true love, and may you enjoy the love that already exists in your life.

- David Merriman

Thursday, February 13, 2003

/once again at the library

Our English class had a pizza party today, so I "got my pizza on" and ate three scrumptious Dominos cheese pizzas. The rumor was was that they didn't want to get any pizza with meat, because it wouldn't be kosher, and since the jew population at our school isn't exactly scarce, they went with the cheese. It was still good, esepcially because it was a class reward for donating over 600 jars of baby food, and I didn't give a single jar. Muhaha.
So now it's lunch and I'm on the computer, getting "my blog on". I'm not in the library just for that, I mean come on, what kind of loser do you think I am? ;-)

Speaking of my english class, and English benig the only subject I actually enjoy, I shall bore you with the dynamics of it. It's approximately 3/4ths female, and this gives the 1/8th of the class with any testosterone quite the headache. I had a good day chatting it up with the boys about the class. ("The boys" being the five real guys in the class, minus Sam, but he's weird.) :-P You know, basically just bitching about the girls and how hyper and easily amused they are.
"Hehehehe...oh my god I like SOOO did not study for this."
"Oh my god, I know, I SOOO didn't read the last few chapters. I hate this book!"
"Well it hates you too *insert random girl*."
"Hahahahaah that is SOOO funny!"

Dear god they can just endlessly babble the least funny and most annoying things. Actually it doesn't bother me that much, and I don't really have that much of a bone to pick with them, but I enjoy a little male bonding, and this class does not provide.
Also, as we men were complaining about how annoying our female counterparts are, I heard the following things from my friends.

"Damn, that guy REALLY is gay."
"She must fake bake every week."
"She must take speed, I'm serious."
"That person is really messed up. More problems than my math book."

OK, take out the corny joke I just added, but anyways... Who says guys can't gossip? At least we do it with humor and fun, not "Oh my god I hate so and so! She did this and this and this." Consider it more as a roast rather than slander.

What else...
I tell people "Valentine's Day is coming up!" and noone is happy about it. If they have a boyfriend or girlfriend, they are like "Yeah...I know..." If they don't, they are like "Ugh..."
When did Valentine's Day become a day of stress and depression? Is this what St. Valentine planned? I for one have not gotten Nicole anything yet, and still I am not fretting or worrying. Why?

Good question, maybe I'm just too relaxed about everything. I'm one of the few people who acts more worried than they are.

/relaxing his way onto

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

/not swimming

Me and my asian buddies decided not to swim today. Why not? Who cares, it gives me an excuse to Blog away.

I have literally NO homework today, yet my mom will probably make sure I don't spend more than 3 hours on the phone or computer. I'm getting really pissed at this, not only do most guys my age go out on the weekdays, but they also have phones, tv's and computers in their rooms, and are constantly on them. I don't have jack shit in my room, and I'm told by my mom when I can get on and off the phone and computer. Ridiculous, especially for a kid who's never been in trouble, never done drugs or drank, and gets pretty good grades. Ridiculous.

I'm going to wake up 45 minutes earlier on Friday by my own consent, no illusions of pleasure tempting me, no threats of torture forcing me. Why? I want to try to join a team joing to the UIL Writing Competition, something that provides no extra-credit points, no cash prizes, and no love. So why am I doing this? I'm a proud man, and I want to know if I really am a good writer. Plus, I want something to toss into my college resume. (add the accent mark, por favor.)

Life is pretty good. It's hella crazy, but good. Sometimes I wonder if I'm not trying hard enough in school, trying hard enough in life, doing the right thing, but then I realized, who cares? At least I'm happy. And nothing but horrible, rotten luck can ruin it for me, and I think I've had a decent enough karma balance from the past few months that I'll be safe for a while.

/finishing my vanilla coke

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

/at home

Super Mario on the calculator is the best thing ever. I'm currently making my own world, yes that means MULTIPLE LEVELS, and yes it means I have NO LIFE. ;-)

Really, calculator games have been the focus of my studies as of late. Falldown, Uncle Worm, Galaxan, Pac Man, Bomber Kids, and a few others have been long-time favorites in my calculator, but now with Mario and Bust-A-Move, I have no time for school work.

Alright, although a diversion from the topic, I'm in a poetic mood, so I shall write:

I glanced at the landscape
Driving along a blur of sights
A whirl of lights dotted across
The skyline wrapped in clouds of cloth
With sunrise approaching, revealing
The green skies and blue trees peeling
A camouflage to reality
Why do things seem so cloudy?

this poem has no meaning, it just sounds cool.

OK...I'm done! Later everyone!

/i love nicole
/at school, again

Well, it's the day before my dreaded "math test", and my mom took me to school early to go to tutoring. Psh. I'd rather go to the library and type a Blog.

Basically, today will be full of not paying attention in class, singing songs to myself, and of course, thinking about Nicole. She is sick right now, which kind of tears at my heart, but she should feel better soon. I'm trying my best to be sweet to her to make her forget about it and be happy!

Well, what else... There's this really greasy pizza they sell at our school, Perky's Pizza. It's seriously like they pour grease on each slice before giving it to you. Anyways, I ate three of those suckers yesterday, ugh... Remind me never to do that again. If I get a heart attack when I'm 30, I'm not blaming it on the fact I eat fast food every other day, I'm blaming it on that damn Perky's Pizza.

Alright I have to actually go to school. *aw...shucks*


Monday, February 10, 2003

/home and hearth

"...and God said...'Let there be light'."
Why is God sitting in the dark talking to himself? All mightly...psh.
By the way, I read the interesting notion that if God and the Devil really did exist, that they must be the same being. I found that juicy tidbit to be tantilizing. :-)

Just got done with a little pool action, you know, me and two of my asian buddies swimming when there's no class, and everyone's pussing out, going home. This week I'm going to try to swim and work out everyday to get in really good shape for Valentine's Day mean...its a total coincedence that Valentine's Day weekend is this weekend, hehe...

Went to Nic's yesterday, was quite fun. We didn't really make any trance, and we didn't play any violent video games, so one could say the day was a failure, but we still had fun. He showed me the genius that is and we listened to a little "um tish um tish" music and talked. We didn't really talk about anything important, no rousing debates or amusing observations, more like:
Him - "ARROWED!"
Me - "Hahahaha"
Him - "Good times"
Me - "Hi Quality"

Well, what else is new? I simply OWNED that Reading and Writing TAKS practice things. Perfect scores on the writings, and a 97 on the objective questions.
Oh yeah, there was an error in our class, so I took the 11th grade test instead of the 10th grade one. Who's good at English? Me am good at English.

*wonders how many people are reading this*

Is acclaimworthy a word?


Hello, I'm at the library at school right now, (I was supposed to be in tutoring, but screw that!) and I decided to go on the computer rather than do the homework I didn't do last night! Yey!

Anyways, you know the poem earlier in this blog? Well, I will read it out loud in class today for Speech, so wish me luck. Hopefully the boos won't be too loud.

Valentines Day is coming up in a mere 4 days, and I still don't know for sure what I'm going to do. I know I'm a last minute person, but this is ridiculous. Right now, my idea is to take Nicole to the local McDonalds, order up her favorite Value Meal, and maybe if I'm feeling sweet, let her supersize it. I might even split the cost with her. ;-)

Well the bell just rang, I shall Blog again when I get home.

/running to class

Sunday, February 09, 2003

its late and i feel horrible.