Saturday, February 08, 2003

/saturday night fever

I'm home, and back from Azle, TX! Well, its out in the country, so out that the closer I got, the louder country music played in my head. I liked it though, better than my house, for various reasons, there's a lake, there's animals and stuff, TV dinners, and Nicole's room is cool.
Psh, who cares about the house. What was important was that I spent a day with Nicole, and I made her happy, and of course, it made ME happy. I love Nicole so much, and time with her is precious. I'm ALWAYS smiling when I'm with Nicole. She's the bestest.

I'm listening to my Chillout Trance CD that I stayed up in the wee-hours of the morning mixing. It's good. Very good. My ears are pleasurized.

Um...what else? Really there's not much on my mind right now. I'm just carefree and relaxed right now. I could probably stress myself out right now, but bah, whats the use? :-)

Being relaxed is great. I'm starting to love the whole relaxed lifestyle, and wish I could adopt it. Meditation, relaxation...I want to live that. Some of the best times I ever have are just me lying down, totally relaxed, doing nothing but listening to music. If I'm doing something, it damn well better be fun. (like hanging out with Nic or Nicole, or collecting winning lottery tickets)

Well thats all. Blog tomorrow.


Friday, February 07, 2003


Hello all. Tonight I will celebrate with a lot of relaxing by the computer, maybe a few pushups and situps, and of course, caffeine!
No poems today; my brain can barely function between my lack of sleep and that big coke I just drank.

Spring's coming, and love is in the air. A lot of people around me are hooking up, nothing earthshattering to my world, but just an interesting note. Also, at the same time, the guys that were lonely in the first place are getting even lonelier. It's like the color barrier, only with more bitterness, and DEPRESSION.
That's another thing. People are so depressed. I think we should just put Paxil in the water. I mean, they did it with flourine, and look, cavities have plummeted. Maybe I'd see less depressed Instant Messanger profiles.

...did anything interesting happen at school today? Ah yes, the power went out throughout the entire school. This was right after I witnessed two white guys freestyle for a small crowd right in the hallway, so it must have been a message from God.
Wow. I think I've heard that statement before, but it's always been directed towards me. I could have flowed better than those guys anyways, they were "whack". ;-)

Here's to a good weekend, hopefully seeing Nicole on Saturday and Nic on Sunday. Yeah. Speaking of Nic, haven't hung out with the man in a while, and it's kind of my fault. I miss him!
I'm positive he doesn't want to read that.

/have a good weekend.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

/once more for today

Just talked to Thao, the masteress of Weblogs, and if you want to see a much better weblog, with pictures and all that jazz, go to that things have settled down, I am feeling wonderful. Swimming again has given me a newfound energy, I love excersize! Damn!
Plus I have barely any homework, and my mom is being nice to me, and I have leftover Papa John's in the oven.
...oh and Nicole should be logging on AIM any minute. Here's hoping that my mom won't be a bitch and kick me off the computer.
*crosses all digits*

eating pizza right now/

I formatted this blog. I centered it and made it all pretty. I added the graphic. I did. With my own HTML skills.


/goes off into the sunset
/out of breath

Let the cold trees
Blow leaves on your face
And may they dance across the curves
Before falling to their rightful place
For autumn comes not far away
And in each day, days pass by
Time expands as the days creep by
I enjoy love now, but when autumn comes
Will it fall and lie like the leaves
Or sprawl and die with the trees?
I should enjoy the spring
Before the summer comes
Harbinger of autumn brings
The breeze of uncertainty
And certainly, it will come.

poem i just wrote.

Not depressed, or just started writing and thats what I came up with. It's about me moving to Wisconsin.

I'm actually in a great mood, even though I just kicked my own ass in the water!

I haven't swam in 2 weeks, but decided to today. I am out of shape! I've lost all stamina! (in the pool only, of course.)
Not much homework tonight, plus tomorrow is Friday. Ah me, life is good.
Hopefully my mom will drive me to Azle this weekend, if not, well, no Nicole. I've never been to Azle, so that would mean I'd get to see her chickens and goats and dogs and cats and other beasts lurking about.
If I can't get the ride (its an hour and a half away, at least) I'll just mope about and waste the weekend. Here's hoping my mom loves me. ;-)

Well, maybe I'll write something later, for now, toodles!

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

/caffeine buzz

Lots of homework tonight. I shalleth slayeth later.

/ What’s wrong baby
Don’t they treat you
Like they should?
Did you take ’em for it?
Every penny that you could?
We once walked out
On the beach and once
I almost touched your hand
Oh how I dreamed to
Finally say such things
Then only to pretend /

a little Jimmy Eat World for you. tehe...

In Speech today, this guy walked into the class for the very first time (moved from an earlier period) and the first thing he says to me , as he points to the girl sitting in front of me, is, "I'd do her if I was drunk, definately, don't you agree?"
Then as he acted nice to this girl, asking what her name was and all that crap, just making small talk with all the people around him, you know, chatting with his friend and the girl, and he mutters quickly when he knows she couldn't hear "Give me a hand job."
I'm sure I was the only one that heard it.

Speaking of muttering under my breath, I've grown quite accustomed to doing it for my mom. "David get off the computer."
"Fuck you mom." <---me in unaudiable tone.
Also flicking her off behind her back relieves stress.

You see, my mom is really cool, yet really annoying at the same time. She's a perfectly good mom, just a pain in the ass to live with.

Speaking of living, I'd besta do my homework. Wish me luck.

/doing homework *wink wink*

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

/procrastinating from doing homework

these days are long. my mom's watching american idol, i just ate hamburger helper, and um...

/quick entry

"Finch, when are you going to burn me that Techno CD?"
Dumb comment of the day.

I hate math. Math hates me. Got my class rank back, it was somewhere close to 160. Out of 550, thats pretty shameful. I KNOW I can outwrite anyone in the 100's and below in rank. Psh. It's because of my damn math grades so low.

I do not have a methodical, formulatic mind. My mind is creative and analytical, not in the sense that I can find the correct answer out of the correct materials, but that I can forge a seemingly good answer out of very little.
Example, you give me the exact directions and tell me to follow them, and a certain result is required. BLEH!
I'd much prefer an open-ended question where a seemingly infinite ammount of results are available. I'll make something up you wouldn't believe.

Maybe I'm just bullshitting through life and my studies, and that it'll catch up to me later when the academic requirements are more challenging. Maybe I'm fooling myself and I don't have a natural ability to write, and that I've peaked for my potential. All I know is that my college major will be in the Liberal Arts, and that I have a tendency towards verbal rather than mathematical.

Maybe I need a Coke.

Oh wow.

This is officially the 5th time I've poured my heart and soul into this first weblog entry. I literally JUST finished a friggin' essay worth of clever sayings, cynical remarks, and oh yeah, I described my weekend. And like usual, an error screen purged the unholy thought of my weblog actually STARTING.

Well I think I finally figured out why it wasn't working, and hopefully now I will be posting entries like clockwork.

Anyways, some things about the weblog.

1) I'll try not to cuss very much. Why? I actually want this log to be a reflection of my writing, and besides, a page full of cussing just isn't that enthralling.
2) I WILL use people's names, and I WILL talk about conversations I've had, things I've done, and other personal things with other people. If you don't like it too bad. This is a personal weblog! Muhaha!
3) Shameless use of inside jokes? Nah.... I'll keep the inside jokes at 10 per entry...max. :-D

Let's first talk about my weekend.

Friday I played basketball with some old North chums. We "balled it up" at Mitch's house, and everyone was there sporting their best "I don't give a shit" attitude.
Who was there?
Mitch Green - of course. Michael Gaydos also showed up. These guys will be mentioned in future entries.
Justin Andrews - rich boy, acts like a prick but seems like not a bad guy.
Andy Stowe - Gotten bigger this year, pretty nice dude. Kind of dense though
Austin Hood - I like Austin, he's a good guy. Reminds me of Mitch, but less cynical.
Colin Brown - Colin's a good guy as well. No bones to pick with Colin.
Brian Twist - Never talked to or cared about this mofo.

They all still call me Finch from 9th grade to now. I don't mind the nickname actually, even though I don't look like him very much.

When we were playing basketball, one of Mitch's elbows greeted me in the mouth, and it happened to be on the location of last weeks frenectomy. Let's just say soreness was felt that weekend. Right after I got hit, I thought, "Holy shit, will I be kissable?" A lover, not a fighter, I guess.

Saturday Nicole came over. *insert smiling faces and a few guys doing the happy dance*
We went to the Big Springs playground, of course, because it WAS such a beautiful day. I thought it would be a good idea to have two beautiful things meet each other, and duke it out to find who's fairer.

Nicole won.

After we spent some time outside, we went out to eat at Tin Star (a high quality establishment), and then we went to Will's birthday party.
The people at Will's party that I knew.
Will and Laura
Chris Craft and Rachel
Ryan Huffer (YEAHHHH)
Albert Alexander
Mike, Geoff and a few other people I don't talk to much, but know.

The big issue was us spending the night.
Will assumed that we could, his mom assumed we weren't going to, and sharp words flew. Nicole and I already got the OK from our parents (Way to go parents!) so we were set, but Rachel and Laura didn't, so they had to go. They ended up sleeping in a car, and Will ended up being pissed.
After all that drama cleared though, the road was paved for Nicole and I to have a romantic (and yet empty stomached) night together. Poor Ryan. We were in a room with him for much of the night, and although I wanted to be more social and chill with him while he played PS2, my love called. And you know, you have to answer! That's one damn important call!

Sunday when I got home I was dead tired after only 3 hours of sleep; wished Nicole off, with goodbyes exchanged, and took a LONG nap.

How long? Circa 1 to 7:30 pm.

That was my weekend.

Now I have the sniffles and a sore lip. Life is gooooood baby.

/ end