Thursday, March 13, 2003


I'm home alone.
It's late.
I'm about to watch The Ring DVD with all the lights out.
Can't wait.

My mom's gone to Wisconsin (oh darn!), so it's pretty much me holding down the fort until Sunday night. Thank God! Nothing like having my mom out of my hair for the rest of Spring Break. I am a lucky mofo.

I went to Six Flags with Nicole and three of her friends today, which was fun of course. When I ride rides like Batman and Titan, I try to think that I'm flying, or having an outer-body experience. Am I insane? It's pretty damn wicked anyways, and I get incredibly pumped when I go on those rides for such the relaxed guy that I am.

- Me

- Nicole

Everything's gravy, life is good. I will report how watching The Ring goes so late at night...all alone...
Uh...I'm getting scared already.


Wednesday, March 12, 2003

/throat sore, don't care

I realized something today.
...I'm a lucky bastard.
And I have an announcement to make, to the world...

I love Nicole, and she is the one for me!

OK, now that that's cleared up, we must get to the topic of One Must Fall: 2097.
Not only is this quite possibly the greatest PC fighting game of all time, it's also available to download completely for free, and was made way way way back in 1994. With these juicy attributes, it's no wonder Nic and I fancied this game back in the MST days, and now, five years later, we have fallen in love again.

I'm getting my braces off in 3 weeks, says my orthodontist. That money-grubbing teeth tightener better follow up with his promise, or I'm gonna steal ALL his sugar-free gum from the tray! That's like a buck-fifty in free crap right there.

My throat is so sore, and this Coke is not helping. Gargh.

/going to bed

Monday, March 10, 2003

/some poems i wrote today, short and sweet


Just one more day untill I touch you
Rippling your skin with my love within
Bursting out, so happy to see you
Can you feel it drip from my words?
As they linger in the air from my tongue
My love holds so tight it hurts
So I'll kiss you and let you have some.

Cynics and Theirs

Quit being so negative
You got the hang of it
To distract from your faults
Now you slouch, pouring salt
On wounds already opened
Hopin' that no one sees
Your own scars start to bleed.


Nothing to do but sit in lieu
Of better things to do
Blocked from view
A hue of boredom paints the room
Everything new, now commonplace
So here I lie, staring high
Mocked by the ceiling's face.

/kaplow kaplow

Friday, March 07, 2003


"Mother fucker, I'm thinkin' about buying my own Africa."
- What my mom heard when she walked into the computer room.

So, Happy Spring Break! My Spring Break will be full of lounging on the computer, relaxing, reading, writing, being with Nicole, and hopefully if I have enough self-discipline, working out. All the rest is just gravy.

I don't really want to write anymore right now; my brain completely shut down.

/will blog again soon

Thursday, March 06, 2003

/uno mas dia...

...until spring break


As we wait patiently
Patiently waiting, anticipating
For days that lie ahead
Just so we can look back
With envious eyes, the days in the past.
Is it a mistake that time slows so fast?
Just as we try to escape the drudges
The monotony of a daily routine
Becomes steadfast and rarely budges
Even luxury becomes tiresome
Over time, a corrosion in interest
Eats away at an idle mind
In time it folds into a tomb
That loom ghosts of insecurity
Purity is sacraficed, thirsting for vice
Over time that vice solidifies into a dark ice
That distorts the view when one looks through
Then out of the blue, something collides
In tides it comes, a harbinger of change
Smashing against the frozen days
Forcefully cracking a carve through haze
Shards of ice smash shearing the bored
And the danger of change is arranged
To creep into a constant head forlorn
For even phenomena quickly loses interest
A masochist consciousness develops defense
Against the opportunity of excitement
Arrousal soon becomes drousal
We want what we cannot have.
And have what we cannot want.
One who is in peace, who is relaxed
Might be able to ease the haunt.

/my stomach hurts

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

/the yin and the yang

Hello all. Look who is enjoying 'Blink 182 - Stay Together for the Kids' as we speak. OK OK...I know, I'm ashamed too.
Actually, I just turned it onto 'Moogwai - Viola (Armin van Buuren Remix)', so I am representing Trance once again.

The more and more I think about it, the better Trance is. (and some other forms of electronica.) It's pretty crazy actually. I have an Electronica song for practically every purpose; to be pumped up, to relax, when I'm emotional, when I'm not, when I'm excited, when I'm bored, when I'm just sitting around in my boxers, when I want to just sit, when I want to dance, when I want to think, when I want to clear my mind.
Yes, I recommend a strict diet of all the sub-genres of Trance, with other forms of electronica, such as House, Ambient, IDM, Breaks, DnB, Techno, Electro, and others.

I am REALLY getting into reading. Like REALLY. I was actually CRAVING reading today when I was in school. Isn't that crazy? It used to be that I would long for sitting my pale ass down on a comfy chair and relax on the computer, with a Coke and some Trance. That still sounds good, but recently I've been on a thirst for books.
Props to me. I'll probably finish Issac Asimov's Foundation tonight, and then I'll probably start 1984. Anyone got a book they'd like to recommend me, let me know, por favor.

What else? I got a 60 on the Math test...aye carumba. You know what, I'm not even going to be depressed about it; what's the point? Might as well enjoy my life without stressing out over Math some more.

What else else? Oh yeah, I went to the Mavericks game yesterday with Brett. (his extra ticket, thanks again!) Only bad thing was that as we were taking the DART rail back, he crossed the wrong area on the track, and the cop saw him, landing him a ticket. I think it's going to be something like 250 bucks. I felt really bad for him, as it ruined his night, and was just plain shitty, with the cop berating him and the fine so high. DART is a crappily run organization. I mean, you can barely read the sign that tells you where to cross, its like one crappy little 5x5 inch P.O.S. that they slap in the middle of nowhere. Plus they don't even let you off with a warning, and they treat you like shit as they give you this expensive ticket. Fuck DART, especially their 'Transit Police', which aren't even really police, and treat you like shit. My brother got a ticket from one of those DART butt-mongers for not having his ticket on the train, and the officer was like yelling at him, "CAN'T YOU READ?" and pointed to some sign. He's going to Stanford Law and will probably make more money anually than that fucker could ever ammount in his life savings, and yet he has to berate him. It's one thing to do it to criminals, the ones on the street mugging and assaulting people, not people that slipped up on the DART. Jesus. Write your goddamn ticket, but don't give me any shit about it, you fat uniformed fuck.

*whew* Sorry, got a little carried away.

My mom's making some Hamburger Helper, I shall eat it.

/bye for now

Monday, March 03, 2003

/scouts tonight. r0x0r

Currently listening to: Coldplay. Does listening to Coldplay make me a pussy? Oh well.

My mom's walking with Ginger right now, I just finished Animal Farm (dammit, I'm reading again!), and I'm going to the Mavs game with Brett tomorrow. Swing.

Swimming practice kicked my ass today. The only thing we did the entire time was backstroke, something I am incredibly lousy at, and which tires me very easily. Coach was making fun of me the whole time; pretty funny actually. Each sentence he said to the class carefully contained the words "horrible" "David Merriman" and "backstroke".
Anyways, my ass was thoroughly kicked from it, so I'm in post-ass kicking mode. Ah, and I have to go to scouts...Crraaappp.

You know what sounds good right about now? Some Jack-in-the-Box and Nicole. Damn, that does sound good. Mmmmm... (thinks about the two.)
I hope I don't take the two for granted...ever. They have no Nicoles or Jack-in-the-Boxes in Wisconsin. :-(

I got a few good comments on my poems. (that means one person, thanks Javi.) I'm going to post more poems more frequently on this here Blog, mmmkay? That and reading will replace wasting lots of time on AIM for a while.
Maybe I should just learn how to multitask like girls, and do all at the same time. Girls don't know how lucky they have it; great handwriting, guys drooling for them all the time, AND the ability to talk on the phone and do their homework at the same time.

Alright, I'm off to do...stuff.

Mega props to all who read this Blog, spread the word, ya hurd?

/out (and about)